Wish for Africa Foundation


Sunday, 14 February 2010

Wish for Africa’s New Year’s celebration of 2009

As the day drew near the number of friends of Wish for Africa wishing to join the celebration at the 805 restaurant in the Old Kent Rd, London, surpassed the places we had booked. So the night before Femi was sweet talking Uncle James (owner of 805) to fit in a few more seats to accommodate everyone.

I arrived around 19.30 (as I was told 'no African time o') with Tony and Michelle, Femi was already there and setting things up. A steady flow of people with one common interest, all supporters, friends or champions of Wish for Africa started to arrive. The gentlemen were all looking smart and handsome, the women looking beautiful and stunning.

Greetings and welcomes were made and seats were taken, everyone chatting and getting to know each other. Photo time and everyone keen to be snapped next to each other, new and old friends alike. The food ordered, we sat to eat and what a Nigerian feast! Jollof, fried yam, pounded yam, amala, plantain, egusi, fish, the spread looked amazing. Everyone tucked in enjoying the food and the company.

Abby our very own 'Oprah' took the mike and got everyone to say how they are associated with Wish for Africa. Then myself, Doyo Olomu, Ola Olundegun, Olaitan, Abimbola, Bola and of course the master of ceremonies Dr Femi Olaleye spoke about our involvement with WFA over the past year and our hopes for its future. Speaking about medical missions, trips, support events etc (to find out more go to http://www.wishforafrica.org/ or visit the cause page on facebook).

An amazing evening and many thanks for the donations and words of encouragement and thanks that everyone shared with both myself, Femi and everyone that helps the cogs of WFA to run.

We have an amazing God that has blessed us with so much here in the UK, we have such wealth, we have running water and electricity, if we are hungry we eat, if we are ill we get treated, when someone in the UK dies its not usually because we can't get treated or haven't got the money to get treated. We live in a consumer throw away society that wastes more than many have.

We can all make a difference, not everyone can be a Dr Femi Olaleye or even a Jo Watts but we can all do something however small or big that can affect the life of those that have nothing or just far less than ourselves.

To help do your bit join the cause 'Wish for Africa' on facebook and invite your friends to give awareness to the good works being done.

Donate either a one off payment or set up a direct debit, the good works we do at WFA cannot happen without the financial support of its supporters.

Encourage employers to support the cause. Send items such as medical equipment etc. Whatever you can give or whatever you can do will make a huge difference to the people in the deprived areas of Mafoluku, Ketu, Alagbado and beyond.