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Monday, 2 May 2011

April 29th 2011 - Let's go buy a ram

Today Remi was out early, I laid in and eventually got up and had breakfast with Femi. We then sat down to watch the DVD of the registry and church part of there wedding. They both looked stunning and very happy. Nigerian weddings do go on much longer than ours and they are full of singing, dancing, praising the Lord as well as plenty of advice from everyone on how to have a good marriage. At this point Femi reminded me it was the royal wedding today, which I have managed to avoid completely not being in the country.

Remi returned and we then went out to do some last minute things. I was measured for my wedding attire, the material is pink and silver sequins, I was told I’m going to have a gele the traditional headdress worn by the women but alas I don’t feel I can carry it off as they do.

We then went to a market in Surulere where Remi’s sister has a shop and we picked up some things for the wedding from there. As we walked along the market streets there were chickens being slaughtered, women cutting up tripe in bowl of water, very different to our markets. No shopping trolleys here but boys with wheel barrows eager to help you transport your wares for a small fee.

Then what was probably the highlight of the trip, we went to buy a ram. This was no visit to Sainsbury, this was a massive animal market with herds of goats, rams, chickens, guinea fowl. It is traditional for the bride and groom to buy the brides family a ram and this is what we did. There was a part of me that thought I should be disgusted by this place, compared with the conditions we have to keep animals in this was far below and health and safety rules in the UK but then again so is everything here. To the contrary I was enthralled by the place, it was so busy and life as it is here. People don’t go and buy shrink wrapped joints from the supermarket, they breed them, slaughter them and eat every bit of them, no wasting here.

We then had to transport this rather large ram ( I fondly called him Derek) to Remi’s parent’s house. So in the car it was put. Several helpful bystanders (all hoping for a reward) grabbed hold of this ram tied its feet and placed him in the boot of Femi’s car, thankfully it didn’t mess with nerves. We drove the ten minutes to Remi’s parents with this ram looking at me and barring which all felt rather amusing.

We then returned home and spent some time in my room, this is when I miss just picking up a phone and speaking to friends and family. Having to ask for someone phone and then worrying about their credit is not so easy or convenient. Later in the evening I was able to use the internet and at least chat on line with a few friends. Remi was up sorting things out till very late, she has worked so hard to make this wedding go just as she wants it.

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