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Monday, 2 May 2011

April 28th 2011

Today Remi had lots of preparation and meetings to do, so I went along for the ride. After visiting the bank and dropping off Femi we headed for the wedding venue. We arrived to a reasonably modest looking place with a huge water feature outside, as we walked through the doors my jaws dropped it was huge, the size of a football pitch. From the inside it looked like a Marquee with reams of rouched material from ceiling to floor and massive diamond dropping chandeliers. Remi discussed the final details with various people wanting every detail to be perfect. As she does this sort of thing for a living its hard to hand her own wedding over to someone else. I sat sweating in the heat of the Marquee for what felt like hours but was only an hour or so. Femi popped in for a short time and he had Mr Dee with him. It was great to see him and after a huge hug and a few words they went.

We then made our way to the government offices for Remi to see her uncle. These were loads of buildings each one servicing a different facility. Cars were parked all over the place the usual Lagos chaos and rules (that there are no rules). We also bumped into one of Remi’s sisters and stopped to talk.

The rest of the day was spent weaving in and out the Lagos traffic. Finally we popped into Sweet Sensations for a meat pie for a late lunch. I have noticed that dotted around the area are these mesh like pieces of art, things like butterflies, brightly coloured and in random places. This I guess is part of Lagos’ attempt to beautify itself.

Femi also sorted out the internet, in a fashion, unfortunately my netbook hasn’t a disc drive so I couldn’t load it onto it. So I still remain without internet in my room or a local sim card so contacting family and friends, has not been easy or when I’ve wanted it. Which is frustrating but thankfully I’m only here for a week so I’m sure I will cope. The use I had allowed me to check out facebook and my emails which was useful.

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