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Friday, 15 May 2009

Friday 15th May

I have not been looking forward to today, Femi and Mr Dee are both out of town for a few days and this means I am here very much alone. Although I don’t find the environment in itself frightening, I don’t feel that I would be able to travel around on my own and I wouldn’t be sure where to go, it’s not exactly a tourist area, and I do stand out like a sore thumb! The only other white person I have seen in this area was an American man that had missed his flight and was staying in this hotel for the night, we passed pleasantries at breakfast.

Once again I was woken early at 07.30 by reception asking if I wanted a driver, the answer was no. As I was in no hurry to rise, due to the fact I may not even leave the room all day, the phone went again. This time the news was more pleasing, they requested I tried the internet. With excitement I jumped up and turned on my netbook, no internet via wireless but there was a cable which I plugged in and YES!!!! It was there, I had internet at last tomorrow had arrived! It was temporally short lived as I lost in within 5 minutes, so went to have breakfast in the hope that it would be sorted on my return.

I consider myself very up for trying any food; I am open and excited about trying new things. That aside, I always find breakfast when ever away from home, the one meal that I miss, I like my boringly predictable cereal choice. Here in Nigeria they don’t appear to do milk, so even if I ordered cornflakes, which is on the menu, I’m not sure that the powered milk will hit the spot for me. They do make a lovely omelette and I have discovered that if you have jam on toast it flows with the fact that their bread is quite sweet which I wasn’t struck on before. As I sat at breakfast this morning a Nigerian was also eating across the room, it appears they go for rice and meat stew (or at least that is what it looked like), something that most of us in the UK would see as a lunch or dinner meal.

I received a call from Femi, as he was leaving to make sure I was ok and to tell me that the woman had acquired some gastric problems, so remained on a drip and was nil by mouth. I enquired about the baby and was informed all was OK although no milk had been had and it was still on sugar water. He again said that to make them do anything different would be difficult and even though I asked if I could do a BM (to check the blood sugar levels) he said no, due to this reason. I decided I wouldn’t pop over and see them today, because it would probably cause me more anguish if I still felt something wasn’t right.

So how can I make the rest of my day exciting enough to write a blog about? Well I can’t! I sat in with the computer, which did actually have the internet (praise the Lord!). I managed to put photos onto my blog as you may see if you’re reading this direct from the page. And at last I could see and speak to my family, Beth was so excited she wanted to go out to play instead! KIDS!! Eventually we did do the ‘patchy, can’t quite hear what you’re saying’ skype thing. Which even Beth seemed to enjoy for 5 minutes.

I went down to have dinner and on the recommendation of Samson, a Nigerian facebook friend, I tried Ogbono soup, which as it happened was the slimy stuff I’d eaten at Nigerian Village with Mr Dee. Well at least I now know what it was. It came with mixed meat…. Or should it be mixed bone? I think I know a friend at home that would have enjoyed that! I retired to my room to catch up with this blog and to speak to friends in the UK. The wonders of the internet are truly amazing!!!


  1. Well at least you have the net now, and a cam that works here, although not great, but you got to remember, it is being sent 1000s of miles away and not in the same house as you and beth were doing the 1st time! lol

    I managed to update the Skype software, as thats why we couldnt get the cam to work, so all being well i take it, it was alright :)

    Hope your ok :) x x

  2. Hi Jo, Some blogging! This is really a test to see if I can post a comment.

    Love "the stick in the muds"

  3. Jo, looks like the test may have worked. Just in case you didn't realise, the stick in the muds are Chris & Steve.
    Sounds like hard work but fun so far, Spoke to Tony last night (returned from Sainsbury's). Seems OK. Hopefully they'll be down in just over a week.
    Love C&S

  4. Guessed it was you! That was part of the reason I did a blog and not just FB. Glad your keeping up with the 'happenings' thats going on here. xxx