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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A huge THANK YOU!!!

I would like to say a huge thank you to all that have kindly donated money for me to spend on my trip. Because of the generosity of so many friends in the UK and to ChiChi Dike in the USA, it was possible for me to bless the Adogoke family.

The Adogoke family recently had a beautiful baby girl by caesarean section here at Optimal Medical Centre Mafoluku. The cost of this treatment although minimal by UK/USA standards and even Nigerian standards, for the family it would have taken a long time to complete the payment. This has been a real blessing for them and a weight lifted.

This week I also opened the boxes of donated goods and goods purchased with donated money that I had shipped over from the UK. Shipping itself as I discovered is a costly procedure. Thanks to Oando freight services, which kindly collected and packaged for free and reduced the price per kilo the cost was also covered by donated money.

As we unpacked all the clothes, toys, blankets, pens, medical equipment, everyone here was amazed at the generosity that had been shown. Plans are being made to have a children’s party to give the children’s clothes and toys out.

Also donated were 3 sonic aids from dopplerhire.co.uk a company from Wales that just so kindly took on the spirit of the cause from a chance email I sent them. These have been very useful and very well received here.

All this has only been made possible because so many of you cared enough to give money or items and I can truly say from seeing the faces of people here, it has made a big difference.

So from Me Jo Watts, Dr Femi Olaleye, the staff and many people in Lagos who have or will benefit in some way by your actions THANK YOU!


  1. nice one :) hope it all comes in useful! i know the front room was full up with all that insted of my stuff for a change lol :)

  2. Well done Jo for initiating it all, it wouldnt have happened without you!