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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Watts been happening today 16th May

Saturday, and again I knew was going to be a hard day, nothing planned! Something that I know I struggle with at the best of times. I also realised that coming on this trip I would have to deal with this and probably quiet a bit of the time. This is the one thing that probably filled me with more dread and fear than any thing else, and something that a lot of prayer has gone into.

I spoke briefly to my family on skype and went down for breakfast, more eggs (I came prepared with diacalm etc and now I think I’m egg bound as they say!! Sorry if that’s too graphic Lol) but the diet here does seem starchy and I will have to buy some fruit to counter balance the effects. That’s more a problem with eating hotel food then Nigerian food I think.

On return to my room I wondered how on earth I was going to fill the day. I turned on the computer and Tony called, the reception wasn’t great and was again very patchy. He decided to invest in a better web-cam, which he sent Michelle out to buy. Michelle my best mate appears to have all but moved in!!! lol. It’s a good job I trust them both so much and I know that Beth loves her and probably is finding it easier with having her around.

Well I am now starting to feel cabin fever! It’s like being in the big brother house on your own?!?

Eventually the new web-cam is sorted and by midday skyping is back with full force. Just when conversation is waning, we decided to play games at Michelle’s suggestion. So Beth and Michelle verses me at hangman, dominoes and battleships, which wasted away a few hours and as the champion of games (to Beth’s disgust) I reigned victorious! (Sorry darling). I also had the pleasure of listening to bickering and whining, it almost feels as if nothings changed. It was nice also to see and chat with both Adam and Emma and even the dog joined in!

I had a call from Gloria, (Femi’s friend) who had hoped to pop in to see me today but sadly for me she had got delayed with family, but said she catch up tomorrow. I also by the wonders of facebook was able to chat with a few other people through out the day. All these things become such blessings when you feel isolated and alone and a million miles from home. Thanks to all that contacted and chatted even the quick messages made a huge difference.

At dinner I met Leonard another American who kindly informed me that Manchester United had won the cup or league or what ever it is that an avid supporter like myself should have been aware of. Yawn yawn yawn! Dinner consisted of Jollof rice which is a tasty sort of savoury rice with a kick and after keep being served bones rather than meat, logic told me to go for the shredded chicken, hey presto a ton of hot and tasty chicken. Great!

I thought I’d ask for a pot of tea to take up to my room. Again this seems to be something that gets lost in translation, I thought I’d solved this problem by asking for lipton rather than tea as this appears to be the tea of choice. Eventually after three people getting into the conversation my tea arrived, hot and tasty worth the wait!


  1. Another eventful day then in the middle of nowere :) Whats in store for you today then? Church thing isnt it? Speak soon x x

  2. Hi Jo,

    Just read your Friday and Saturday accounts. It is unfortunate that some parts of your stay is not up to standard, please speak to Femi about this. I think more attention should be paid to the fact that you are in Nigeria for the first time, your dietary requirements, and other needs that would make your stay a bit more comfortable.
    My friends and family do that for me when I am there in Nigeria, I am Nigerian but had been away for close to 15 years before more regular visits since 2007.

    I know you might be a bit shy,but please do make your requirements and concerns understood and attended to. I get the same in Lagos sometimes and it makes my friends and I absolutely furiuos, and they live in Lagos.

    There are also lots of white people (not all from Britain) in Lagos, some Chinese, Indian, Lebanese, etc. Mostly on Victoria Island.

    PS Which area in Lagos are you staying

    I have just requested a friend link on FB.

  3. Hi Jo
    Was good speaking to you tonight. will be online again mon to catch up. sorry don't have a cam yet. sorry also it was hard to think of things to say. seems pointless just waffling on as usual. felt for you this w/e but were praying for you. glad you did get out today.
    try and see these times as opportunities to draw closer to God and get a bit of extra worship and listening time in, Not all day of course but a good opportunity all the same, love you, K

  4. @ Kate nice to chat to you too thanks xxx
    @ Kaye thank you for your concerns but I really do think being in a hotel is more the issue with the diet,then being in Ajao Estate, too many cooked meals and things are naturally different to when ur at home. Cereal is not so appealing when powered milk is used here and not the usual pasturised that I am used to etc. these are all minor things that you realise will be different in another country.