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Sunday, 17 May 2009

It's Sunday 17th

It’s Sunday and in my world that can only mean one thing….time to head on down to church and Praise the Lord. This week I was a little bit more apprehensive than usual as I was heading to an unknown church on my own in a foreign country. I was also looking forward to the extravagant style of worship ‘black churches’ have a reputation of.

My driver took me and on the way I was amazed that their were so many people very well dressed with bibles in hand and noticeably heading to church, a sight it warm my heart to see back in the UK. He dropped me at the front of the church and nervously I got out. This was The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Jesus House (aka House of Praise). As I walked through the door a service had just finished and some were leaving, I found a seat and sat down.

It was a large modern building with elaborate drapes and lights and huge TV screens to see all that was going on as it was being filmed (this could be purchased at the book shop). The large band and choir played the first worship song which I recognised and joined in with, only to find out it was at a different speed than I was familiar with. I did also know a couple more but most of them were sung in Yoruba (I assume) and I did my best to hum along, with lots of dancing and clapping I loved it!

All people visiting the church for the first time were asked to stand and then go to the front row. Here we were welcomed, prayed for and sat for the rest of the service. The good thing about that was there was a fan placed for all the leaders of the church which I too benefited from. A preacher from Jamaica was visiting and gave the preach on Elijah (1 Kings 17) I couldn’t keep up with most of it due to the accent, but enjoyed the service and its vibrant praise all the same. The church was crammed and full, hardly any room between seats and rows probably 300 or more people there. A very colourful and energetic way to worship…. Watch out DCC I may bring some back!

My afternoon was blessed by Gloria, who called in after work (she started at 6). We visited the clinic and saw Fumni and the baby, both looked well and Fumni was up and about hoping to go home as soon as Femi would discharge her. I was delighted to see her looking so well and she informed me that she was now feeding which I was very pleased to hear.

Gloria then took me to Ikeja another part of Lagos this had a very different feel to it. We passed the airport for internal flights which was an impressive looking building (more so than the one I arrive at). The roads were all tarmac and there were roundabouts and traffic lights and certainly more order. Also noticeable was the greener verges and trees, and less crumbling and general decay. There I was treated to Chicken Republic a sort of KFC with a bit more kick to it, I also tried moin moin which I really enjoyed (a hot blended bean paste sort of dish). I felt desperate for some fruit so Gloria also very kindly purchased some pots of fruit salad that I must say went down a treat. Thanks Gloria!

The rest of the evening was plagued with the internet being on a go slow. Hardly any contact was achieved with my family today, as skype just kept dropping the calls. Any attempt to do anything on facebook or my blog was frustrating, but I am very grateful that this wasn’t the case yesterday when I really did benefit from it working well.


  1. Sounds like a good day then, i do hope we int gotta eat all this "food" when you come back home! you been there a week now, only 3 more to go :)
    Speak soon x x x

  2. Hi Adz,
    Just you start collecting them snails in the garden and I'll cook you all a nice welcome home meal!! lol xxx

  3. ill pass on that one :) thanks anyway x

  4. Beth freaked out at the tiniest snail in my porch yesterday, I did ask if she wanted me to cook it! Glad you enjoyed church yesterday, and you even got coke! xxx

  5. Hi Jo I am really enjoying reading your blog - I have never read one before let alone write one! Glad you are having so many interesting experiences and food. If you are like me, once you are back from your travels it will all feel like a dream, so make the most of it while you can! xx

  6. Hi Jan,
    Nice to see people are reading this it's very encouraging. Thanks, first time for me too! I'm sure things could be improved but I'm doing my best. lol.. good advise I will thanks xxx

  7. Hi Jo

    Least my adventure onto a blog did not involve much distance! Great to read your fantastic descriptions. I think jan W. is right it could all seem so unreal in a few months. Look forward to reading more.


  8. Hi Joe,

    Seems things are a bit better. You should be able to eat fresh fruit daily in Lagos. Ask to be taken to eat fresh fruit that is bought in the market, fresh melon, pineapples, oranges ( Nigerian oranges are the most delicious ever). There is also a Jesus House, Redeem Church in London