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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sunday 10th May, Good bye UK, Hi Lagos!

Well 10th May has arrived. Heathrow bound with farewell party in tow. Coffee and cake before sobs and so longs!
Through departures and boarding has begun so a quick dash following some running Nigerians! On the plane and scramble to find overhead room for hand luggage, finally seated and awaiting take off. Introductions made Tola, a fine older man and Patrick (one of the running Nigerians) who informed us that it was his birthday (Happy 50th). The flight was great, with just enough talk and enough silence in perfect balance.
As we flew over Africa the terrain was amazing, Gods hand had truly been at work. As I viewed from up high it looked like veins and arteries spanning the arid landscape I watched in owe of its awesome beauty. A huge lake of which I am unsure of its geography but according to the in flight journey follower it was in the region of Bou Saada, another amazing sight. Then as I was welcomed to Nigeria by Tola, I looked out of the window to see a circle of rainbow like colours amidst the cloud, surely a sign!
A perfect smooth landing in Lagos and the humidity of the airport hit, a huge air-con unit with a sign ‘do not switch on’ made us laugh….welcome to Lagos! Then as I stood waiting to show my passport I looked over and saw the smiling face of Femi and the real welcome to Lagos! Femi, his friend Gloria and Solomon the manager from my hotel greeted me took my luggage. Femi, Gloria and I made our way to the hotel, too dark now to really see exactly my surroundings but nothing like home that was for sure. I had landed and the hustle and bustle of Nigeria was immediately evident, how exciting. I laughed as I enquired what the rules of the road are, as okadas whizzed in and out of cars and pedestrians all of which appeared to share the same space.
Arriving at my hotel I was shown to my room the largest bed ever, the accommodation by British standards a little rough around the edges but secure and certainly adequate. Internet not working, so not contact with home, I made my way down to the restaurant. It had to be goat and pepper soup, something that had to be tried. This was certainly hot and the meat chewy but delicious all the same. Some un-packing then off to bed, with air-con blowing, awaiting the new day in Lagos and all it will bring.

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  1. All good then, bring me some car mats back then lol what you done today? hope ur ok. x x