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Saturday, 9 May 2009

One day to go!

Well it's Saturday the 9th May, the excitement has wained somewhat and has been pushed aside by nerves!
My bags are overflowing and for those that know me...no not just with shoes!! Some last minute donations that were so very kindly given to me from people at work, but that unfortunately missed the freight deadline. I do have a mega allowance (2x23kg) so hopefully I can keep within that.
Online booking can be done today, (although prayers for an upgrade won't go amiss! lol).
Lots of last minute panic shopping I'm sure will kick in shortly.
To all the friends that have donated, money, gifts, time, wishes and prayers, I thank you very much and so too will all the people that these will help to bless.
I hope that with this blog I can keep you up to date with what ever is happening in sunny Lagos ( temp 30 degrees albeit heavy rain!!), especially those not on facebook : )
Please use it to pass on questions and comments.
I will miss much about home while away but I hope to have a great time and have plenty of stories to share along the way.
Much love


  1. Hi Jo

    Just got back from Lagos on Thursday 07 May. There are some new and comforting changes in Lagos. If you have more than your current allowance keep the stuff and arrange freight with Femi later. When you want to check in you will find out that the 23kg X 2 is not mega by Nigerian standards :)
    It is the rainy season but the sunshine and humidity sets in as soon as the rain stops - be prepared for lightning and thunder tropics style - its all good and will be fine after a couple of days
    You will definitely miss your family but this may be compensated for to some extent by the generosity of the Nigerian spirit - this will be a life changing experience
    I hope this is going to be your 1st visit
    When I am in Nigeria, it is obvious to me that the Lord is with me. I pray that he is also with you on your journey to and fro and whilst in Nigeria
    God Bless

  2. Dear Kaye
    Thank you for taking the time to comment. I too really hope this will not be my last visit and that I am able to return and revisit new friends made there.
    I love a good thunder storm! Adding to the excitement that is now kicking back in.
    I really believe that God has led me to this journey and I know He will be with me, and He will carry me through all the highs and lows.
    Again Thanks

  3. hi jo,
    as I sit in my comfortable surroundings I am thinking of you and all those who choose to challenge themselves, my thoughts are with you and I hope you have a safe and fullfilling journey. God bless the work the wish for africa protect does and god bless you for having the courage to help. Safe journey and send my regards to femi x
    Rebecca Crewdson

  4. alrite mummy :) how ya doing :) im gonna be keeping a eye on this for the next month :) and deb is as well :) hope your ok... :) x x x

  5. Hi glad to see you following things! All well here and Rebecca I will pass it on...although Femi will probably check this out to see what I say about him.....if he can ever get on here! xxx